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NRB has Full and Associate Memberships.  Full Membership is available to all U.S. and international organizations and individuals who use radio, television, digital media, film, streaming, podcasting, and other forms of electronic mass media for the dissemination of the Gospel.  Associate Membership is available to individuals and organizations engaged in services related to the purposes of NRB members, including vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, and publishers. 

Full Company, Individual, and Individual Professional (IPM) members must subscribe to NRB's Statement of Faith and Code of Ethics and agree to Christian arbitration for dispute resolution.  Individual classes of Membership are portable, i.e., the Membership travels with the person and is not tied to a particular Christian media organization.

Full Company, and Individual Memberships allow the NRB Member voice and vote at the NRB Annual Business Meeting. However, if either an Individual Member or an IPM is employed by a Christian organization that is also a Member, the individual has no voice or vote at the Annual Business Meeting, unless the individual has been designated as a delegate by the member organization.

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iNRB Student Membership

iNRB is a network of Christian students and faculty that provides a forum for you to share ideas and goals, find employment and internship opportunities and to come together in Christian fellowship. It's designed especially for students and faculty wanting to make a difference in the broadcast industry, wherever that may be. If student applying is not attending a NRB member education institution, proof in the form of student ID and/or current semester syllabus must be provided.

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Organizational Memberships:  Note that if you are submitting an application on behalf of your company, you must identify your parent organization first, before the option to Apply for Company Membership appears as a button. If you have not done so yet, you can click above to identify your organization now.

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